Retail and Logistics

In addition to protection and differentiation between internal accesses to automated systems, collective applications, large databases of goods and suppliers, trade companies also need to be provided with external secure access for suppliers and trade agents with information integrity control and audit of operations performed on it. Otherwise, instead of increasing the efficiency of the business, the organization may suffer from risks of breach of commercial information confidentiality, leaks of information about suppliers and scope of supplies, as well as other information threats leading to loss of business competitiveness.

Also, many retail chains and large trading companies begin to actively use e-commerce, which gives them huge advantages but also requires implementation of systems to protect against Internet threats, since the electronic storefront is available all year round in a 24\7 mode for all comers - both buyers and violators. Additionally, new payment methods for the goods, such as plastic cards, mobile phones or Internet purses, also require compliance with security standards to protect financial transactions.

Complex solutions from ISSP for trading and logistics companies effectively prevent all possible internal risks associated with commodity transactions, reliably protect commercial, trade information and personal data and ensure the safety and availability of Internet commerce services and remote work of partners of the organization.


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