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Very often, the leadership of an organization in the telecommunications and media market depends on the ability to quickly launch new services, which requires constant modernization of the telecommunications infrastructure through innovative high-performance network solutions.

Preventing attacks and intrusions, detecting threats in high-performance networked environments and virtualized heterogeneous computing environments, ensuring the continuity and management of digital telecom operator services are performed using the effective solutions offered by ISSP for telecom companies and media organizations.

Guided by the principle of flexibility and scalability of the proposed solutions, ISSP ensures safety of the digital service operator's investment in information security solutions, allowing to increase their productivity simultaneously with the increase in the bandwidth of communication channels in multi-service networks. Complexity, manageability, and implementation of the offered turnkey solutions retain a high level of operational efficiency of the provider of telecommunications services or media resources.

The extended hardware warranty and quick response to the technical incidents that are provided by ISSP enable telecom operators to ensure the continuity of the provided services, with a high level of availability.



Защита сетевой инфраструктуры провайдера телекоммуникационных услуг

Защита сетевой инфраструктуры провайдера телекоммуникационных услуг

Системы сетевой безопасности для высокопроизводительных мультисервисных сетей, которые адаптируются под изменения конфигурации сетевого окружения, обеспечивая постоянную защиту сети и работающих в ней приложений.

Система мониторинга и контроля инфраструктуры телеком-оператора

Система мониторинга и контроля инфраструктуры телеком-оператора

Класс решений для автоматизации выполнения контролей безопасности и операционных контролей в ИТ инфраструктуре оператора связи.

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