Host security

Virtual enviroment security

Virtual infrastructure security through monitoring of virtual communication and information systems within a hypervisor.

Solutions for virtual environments security are specifically designed to reduce the costs, associated with the implication of traditional endpoints protection means. Such means provide desktops, servers and virtual cloud environment protection from viruses, gather information about threats in real time mode, implement operational benefit and minimize the impact on virtual server performance, reducing advanced scans number and executing scanning, based on the total hypervisor load.


Check Point Software Technologies

Security Gateway Virtual Edition

Security Gateway Virtual Edition

Protects dynamic virtualized environments and external networks, such as private and public clouds, from internal and external threats by securing virtual machines and applications.

Intel Security

MOVE AntiVirus

MOVE AntiVirus

Optimized security for virtualized environments

Cisco Systems

Virtual Appliance

Virtual Appliance

Highest visibility and flexibility in securing virtual networks.


Critical System Protection

Critical System Protection

Secures physical and virtual data centers.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

The fastest, most powerful endpoint antivirus software solution for both virtual and physical systems which is exist.

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