Data security

Mobile data security

Secure removable media, handheld device and mobile computer information security systems.

Valuable mobile data security employs encryption. When information is encrypted, an unauthorized person, having accessed it, will not be able to make any profit. Modern solutions for mobile data security apart from encryption functions possess additional features such as user management policies as well as devices, applications and documents backup management. By using a single administrative management console, security systems are set up, applied, monitored and adjusted, and besides, informative reports are compiled.



IronKey Encrypted Drive

IronKey Encrypted Drive

Secures data with always-on hardware encryption to meet enterprise-level compliance and data protection requirements.

Intel Security

DLP Endpoint

DLP Endpoint

Delivers unrivaled protection against theft and accidental disclosure of confidential data.

File and removable media protection

File and removable media protection

Encrypt data automatically for secure sharing, transporting, and storing.

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