Application security

Database server security

Database servers’ active protection systems, database queries monitoring, integral access and operations auditing.

The security of company’s main corporate information assets, stored in a database, requires a complex approach. Complex data security organizing functionality in a database management system (DBMS):

vulnerability scans;

database access control;

database encryption;

database sample backup;

activity auditing;

user behavior monitoring and analysis;

malicious codes usage prevention;

new releases and patches operation checking for DBMS.



Intel Security

Database Security

Database Security

Offers real-time, reliable protection for business-critical databases from external, internal, and intra-database threats.


Database Security SecureSphere

Database Security SecureSphere

Solution secures sensitive data stored in databases.

elements: 1-2

all elements: 2

Data sheets

Audit and Protect Critical Databases by Imperva

Audit and Protect Critical Databases by Imperva

Award-winning Imperva SecureSphere Database Security products automate database audits and instantly identify attacks, malicious activity, and fraud.

Imperva SecureSphere platform

Imperva SecureSphere platform

The SecureSphere platform, with its flexible deployment options and administration capabilities, provides organizations the scalability, adaptability, and management needed to deploy state of the art data security solutions.


Облака: парить без рисков не получится?

Облака: парить без рисков не получится?

Важнейший класс угроз в виртуальной инфраструктуре, который нельзя оставить без внимания, это угрозы, порождаемые природой виртуального трафика.

elements: 1-3

all elements: 3

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