Data security

Document security

Electronic documents access control systems and control of operations performed on them.

Information Rights Management (IRM) class systems are a set of high-performance technologies for information assets access control. As a rule, IRM has the following functions:

data and documents encryption;

strong control and data protection mechanisms during usage (clipboard, screen shots and printing control);

creation of flexible custom policies for online and offline access, definition of available operations which can be performed on protected documents;

data access detailed auditing and reporting.






Spotless, safe and intelligent front-end devices.

IDPrime MD

IDPrime MD

IDPrime MD smartcards are offering all the necessary services to secure an IT Security and ID access infrastructure.

Intel Security

File and removable media protection

File and removable media protection

Encrypt data automatically for secure sharing, transporting, and storing.


File Security SecureSphere

File Security SecureSphere

Delivers real-time file monitoring, auditing, security, and user rights management for files stored on file servers and network attached storage (NAS) devices.

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Data sheets

Audit and Protect Unstructured Data

Audit and Protect Unstructured Data

SecureSphere audits all file access to ascertain who owns and who is using file data. It secures sensitive file data by alerting on and optionally blocking unauthorized access.

Imperva SecureSphere platform

Imperva SecureSphere platform

The SecureSphere platform, with its flexible deployment options and administration capabilities, provides organizations the scalability, adaptability, and management needed to deploy state of the art data security solutions.


Экспертное заключение ГСССЗИ Украины № 05/02/02-3091

Экспертное заключение ГСССЗИ Украины № 05/02/02-3091

Экспертное заключение ГСССЗИ Украины № 05/02/02-3091 от 29.08.2013 на аппаратно-программный продукт Gemalto IDPrime.NET.

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all elements: 3

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