Host security

Endpoint security

Workstation protection from maximum number of threats, user work security precautions and data control.

Workstation complex protection includes the following:

malicious software protection;

malicious local network activity protection;

malicious web activity protection;

removable devices threats protection.

Modern solutions additionally provide all products centralized management, a flexible and granular workstation policy assignment, depending on eligibility, informative reports creation and flexible scalability.


Check Point Software Technologies

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

All endpoint security functions in a single agent, delivering total security with a simple user experience


DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite

DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite

Prevent devastating data leaks by securing the endpoints of network.

Intel Security

Application Control

Application Control

Provides an effective way to block unauthorized applications and code on servers, corporate desktops, and fixed-function devices.

Change Control

Change Control

Eliminates change activity in server environments that can lead to security breaches, data loss, and outages.

Endpoint Protection Suite

Endpoint Protection Suite

Offers essential protection in an integrated solution that secures Windows systems against malware and unauthorized devices.

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